Antalgic-Trak Spinal Decompression

Are all Decompression Chairs the same?


There are only six Antalgic-Trak Decompression chairs in Canada and we have the only ONE in Western Canada!

It is a computer aided technology that applies gentle and comfortable decompression to your spine to a precise targeted area.

The greatest quality of the Antalgic-Trak is the multi axis articulation feature. This feature allows Dr. Rob to adjust and position the spine into a variety of postures. This enhances the decompression with precise targeting to the problem area.  We call this the articulating range of motion decompression and it’s the first and only system of its kind in the world! These advanced, computer aided treatments can heal the symptoms of a herniated disc in as little as 6 weeks.

Varied spinal postures re-direct how the decompression forces move into and around the spine. This enables the therapy to reach areas in the spine that was once before near impossible. We call this the articulating range-of-motion decompression and it’s the first and only system of its kind in the world.

It’s non-surgical and drug free! This approach is used to treat:

►Back pain
►Neck pain
►Degenerative Arthritis
►Bulging discs (neck and back)
►Herniation/Disc Protrusion
►and much more!


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